Train the Online Trainer- on demand anytime

Thursday 1 September 2022, 9:30am - Friday 30 September 2022, 12:45pm

  This is an online event

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An on-demand online training course to help you run interactive online training courses

Launching between 18 and 30 September 2020! Booking is now open.

This training is "on-demand". That means.

  • You can start learning at a time of your own choosing
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • There is no interaction with a trainer
  • Interaction with other learners is very limited (only with those who do the course at the same time you do)

What you will get:

  1. Access to the UKCEH LearnWorlds Learning Management System
  2. Access to live recordings of all eight sessions of the three-day course Train the Online Trainer as advertised here (14-16 July 2020)
  3. approximately 6 hrs 20 min training videos
  4. 12 Exercises to do in your own time
  5. pdf versions of all PowerPoint slides used in the presentation
  6. Access to all exercise material (pdf, PPT, Word, xls) for download
  7. Five Zoom guides for participants and hosts
  8. A 23-page document full with information on tools for training, capacity building and interactive learning

Estimated total learning time 1.5 -2  days

If you book now, you can get early access to the pdf version of the Powerpoint used for the live interactive training on 14-16 July 2020.

INVOICE: On sign-up you will receive an immediate email notification from Mitingu (on behalf of please check spam folder).

Please consider this your invoice for finance/expenses purposes.

You will get an invitation to enroll in the course within 2 working days of making the payment or when the course is launched (whatever is later). Please watch out for an email from UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology <> )

See a full description of the interactive live course here!


Booking Options

Name Price Quantity
group ticket 5 professionals (£899)

group ticket 5 students (£699)

Students (£149)

Professionals (£199)

group tickets - registration information only

only use this if you have been asked to do so by UKCEH


  This is an online event

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